Terms and Conditions


Activities involving the handling of derelict fishing gear while diving are not without risks and should only be carried out by divers with proper diving experience and sufficient knowledge and training regarding these activities.


General Terms & Conditions

1. The Ghost diving Foundation is a public welfare institution under Dutch law dedicated to fighting damage to marine life caused by lost and abandoned fishing tackle and other types of waste. The Foundation’s most prominent activities include underwater diving to remove lost and abandoned fishing nets and other marine waste.

2. The Foundation seeks to recruit sponsors to provide financial support for its projects. In doing so, the Foundation assumes no obligation to engage in any specific activities or achieve any specific results in relation to underwater diving and related activities. The Foundation is entitled to suspend, interrupt or cancel activities at any time without being liable to pay any compensation.

3. Activities organised by the Foundation include diving activities with volunteers. These activities may theoretically be conducted anywhere in the world. By raising awareness of these various activities, the initiators seek to incite other divers to likewise become involved in the removal of fishing nets and other types of waste from the marine environment.

4. The Ghost Diving name and logo are registered trademarks and may only be used by other organisations for similar activities with the prior written consent of the Foundation’s Board.

5. Organisations that engage in, or organise activities similar to, those undertaken by Ghost Diving (on a one-time or recurrent basis) and use the name “Ghost Diving” (following approval by the Foundation’s Board) indemnify Ghost Diving against any and all liability which may arise from or in connection with such activities due to any cause whatsoever.

6. In cooperation between Ghost Diving and other initiators, Ghost Diving and such other organisations always act as joint initiators and never as client and contractor.

7. Any individual or legal entity that decides to become involved in the organisation’s activities does so at their own risk and expense. The Foundation’s Board is likewise comprised of volunteers. Neither the Foundation nor any individual Board members can accept liability for any accidents, missing persons, damage to baggage or equipment, bodily injury or consequential loss or damage due to any cause whatsoever, with the exception of individual cases of gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

8. The Foundation acts solely as an initiator in undertaking these activities and never as a client or employer.

9. Participation in diving operations is open exclusively to divers who have received sufficient training and experience in underwater diving.

9.0.1 Individual participants must agree to bear their own risk.

9.0.2 Prior to engaging in diving operations, each participant must take out non-life insurance cover for bodily injury, repatriation of remains, damage to equipment, etc.

9.0.3 Each participant must decide independently whether to participate in a specific diving operation.

9.0.4 Participants are expected to have received adequate training in underwater diving prior to engaging in diving operations.

9.0.5 Participants are expected to independently make risk assessments and evaluate safety measures in accordance with the standards of the training courses they have attended or the diving organisation of which they are a member.

9.0.6 When engaging in diving operations at sea and/or deep-sea diving, participants must always comply with the methods and standards established by prominent diving organisations such as Global Underwater Explorers (GUE).

9.0.7 Participants are aware that the Foundation acts solely as an initiator and not as a contracting organisation.

10. For diving operations conducted from vessels, participants are personally responsible for assessing the risk involved in boarding and disembarking the vessel and the risks associated with the resources available on board to facilitate this.

11. Participants must comply with the safety regulations on the vessel and the instructions provided by the crew, either in connection with the diving operation or otherwise.

12. Ghost Diving will not be liable for any damage or loss arising from any participant’s stay on board the vessel or transport by vessel.

13. Participants certify that they accept no contracts or assignments from the Foundation. Participation never results in any obligation on the part of the participant to conduct specific diving operations or perform a specific type of work. However, the Foundation is authorised to terminate or suspend any activity at any time for safety reasons.