Upcycling & recycling solutions

Healthy Seas, a journey from waste to wear

We aim to re-use the different materials we recover as much as possible and some of the fishing nets we recover embark on a new journey through the Healthy Seas Foundation. We are proud to be an important part of their story.

The nylon nets are used by Aquafil, together with other nylon waste, to become regenerated ECONYL® yarn, the basis for new sustainable products such as textiles, swimwear, carpets and more. ECONYL® has the same qualities as virgin nylon from fossil raw material.

Other types of plastic fishing nets are upcycled by Bracenet into bracelets, key-chains and even dog leashes. Healthy Seas also provides fishing nets recovered by our divers to artists that through their projects aim at instilling awareness about the ghost fishing phenomenon.

Healthy Seas carries out regular diving activities in the North, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas as well as the Pacific Ocean, cooperating with the local Ghost Diving chapters.

Three times a year, Healthy Seas organizes main events in other areas of unique ecological significance to which Ghost Diving volunteer divers from all chapters are invited.

During the year the volunteer divers are regularly participating in Healthy Seas school programs to inspire the next generation of ocean rescuers! 

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