Upcycling and Recycling

Healthy Seas

Ghost Diving - Healthy Seas recycling

Some of the fishing nets we recover embark on a new journey through Healthy Seas, an initiative we founded together with Aquafil and Star Sock.

The nylon nets are used by Aquafil, together with other nylon waste, to become regenerated ECONYL ® yarn, the basis for new sustainable products such as socks, swimwear, carpets and more.

ECONYL ® has the same qualities as virgin nylon from fossil raw material.


Together with their partners, BRACENET retrieves and clean ghost nets from all over the world. Having combined them with old nets from fisheries, they are up-cycled into bracelets which are more than a pretty accessory; they are an aide memoire, an inspiration, and a conversation starter.

Their aim is to make everyone aware of the danger caused by these ghost nets. By wearing your Bracenet you become an ambassador to our joint goal: to protect the seas. Every Bracenet means one less piece of ghost net in the ocean.


Ghost Diving - Healthy Seas recycling Bracenet